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Welcome to Skyward Aviation

Backed by dreams and family values, Skyward Aviation team members have a unique mindset: "A family in harmony will prosper in everything."  When you partner with Skyward Aviation, you are another branch of the family tree!  Whether it's arranging a charter flight, purchasing an aircraft, or managing an aircraft, Skyward Aviation has an experienced team member committed to assisting you in all of your endeavors. Together we will build a relationship that gives you the benefit of immediate, personal service. The search for impeccable customer service and a trustworthy partner ends here. Call Skyward Aviation today to meet someone dedicated to your satisfaction.  Skyward Aviation is a private jet charter service located in Washington, PA at the Washington County Airport.  Skyward Aviation also offers private jet charter service in Pittsburgh and Morgantown, WV.  Our specialties include private jet charter, aircraft sales, aircraft management, and Cirrus flight instruction.  Call Skyward Aviation today for all of your private jet charter needs in Washington, Pittsburgh, Morgantown and more.