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Meet the Crew of Skyward

Chris A. Stimmell

Learjet 60 Captain

Hired in 2000, Chris has been a crew member longer than any pilot at Skyward Aviation. Starting as a captain in our King Air fleet, Chris worked his way up into the light jets in our fleet, including the Learjet 35, Learjet 31 and Beechjet 400. Currently the captain of our Learjet 60, a mid-sized jet, Chris has officially captained every jet in our fleet! "My key to success is honesty," says Chris, " you may not always like it, but I'll tell you the truth!" Something no one knows about Chris: "I love to play golf and I have hit a hole-in-one twice in my life."

Steven W. Casciola

Learjet 60 Captain

Steven joined Skyward Aviation in 2007 and married Brianna (from the charter department) in 2011. Since he began at SA, Steven has flown the Learjet 35, 31,60 and 60XR. Using his art background, Steven helped the owners create the current paint and stripe design of the Learjet 35. When he's not flying the friendly skies, Steven can be found modifying his 2004 Mustang GT and spending time with his family and friends. He says his key to success is "preparing for each flight and not forgetting my sunglasses!"

MATT J. Antanovich

Learjet 60 Captain

Matt became a Skyward Aviation crew member (for the second time) in 2011.  Having worked for SA when the company's fleet was mostly King Air / turbo-prop aircraft, Matt returned years later to crew our Learjet 60 mid jet as a First Officer.  Eventually, after moving down to the light jets to become a Captain, he worked his way back into the 60 series as a Captain.  When he's not flying the friendly skies, Matt enjoys dirt bike riding, lifting weights, and spending time with his family.  His key to success is "being confident and respectful."  Although it's airworthy, Matt's burning desire is to "completely refurbish my grandfather's 1956 Cessna 172 Skyhawk."

Jonathan S. Jackson


Jon joined the Skyward Aviation team in 2013 as our new Chief Pilot and Learjet Captain. Having worked in many different aviation industry positions, Jon has brought decades of aviation experience and versatility to SA. Jon says the key to his success has been, "years of experience combined with focusing on the positive." When he's not focused on work, you can find Jon outdoors shooting targets, hunting, fishing, and riding a pedal bike through the countryside.     



Nick officially joined the Skyward Aviation crew in 2013, however he held other positions within the company prior to becoming an SA pilot. Nicknamed "Ron Junior," Nick has a true love of aviation and a ton of ambition, completing 3 jet type ratings in 1 year! "I want to be the next Ron Corrado and own an aviation business," says Nick. When he isn't working, which is rare, you can find Nick in front of the camera: "Something few people know about me is that I was a former underwear model."



Juriaan joined Skyward Aviation in 2013 and became our Chief Pilot and Beech Jet Captain.  Having worked for other companies in the area, Juriaan was sought after by Ron for his work ethic and positive attitude. "My key to success is my friendly face," says Juriaan. His friendly face will soon be passed on to future generations as he states his burning desire is "to go forth and multiply." Something no one knows about Juriaan: "I am a card carrying member of the screen actor's guild. I was the pilot at the end of the movie 'She's Out of My League', which was filmed in Pittsburgh."


Learjet 35/31 First Officer

Mark joined the Skyward Aviation team in 2012. Previously a flight instructor and pipeline patrol pilot, Mark currently flies our Learjet 35 and 31 light jets. Nicknamed "Smiley," Mark says his burning desire is "to make everyone around me happy." When not airborne, Mark enjoys playing sports, camping, kayaking and volunteering at his church on Sundays. Something no one knows about Mark: "My brother's girlfriend was picked to be on the television show Deal or No Deal. I went back stage and met everyone and sat in the front row during the show!"