Organ Recovery


Organ recovery trips are one of Skyward Aviation’s specialties. These trips involve high-stakes coordination and the transportation of transplant surgical teams, recovered organs, and sensitive medical equipment.  Private flights are an essential avenue of transit for these time critical trips, as most organs must be transplanted within a few hours of recovery.  Our Organ Recovery Flight division is staffed 24/7/365 to provide immediate mission support.

Photo credit: AOPA

Charter Team

Specialized Flight Support

When it comes to organ recovery flights, minutes matter. From the moment we receive trip confirmation, we can be wheels up within two hours.  Our scheduling team continuously monitors weather, air traffic control delays, and local airfields for any potential trip delays – before a trip is even mentioned. During the trip, our team is in constant communication with organ recovery coordinators, ensuring every detail is thought through, with contingency plans at the ready.  As a testament to our proactive approach, Skyward has proudly completed over 4,500+ incident-free organ recovery flights, with 462 life-saving missions completed in 2023.

Charter Team

Mission ready 24/7/365

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