Skyward offers the optimal work-life balance with industry-leading pay scales, benefits, and schedule options.  Whether you want to be home-based, live near one of our bases, prefer a rotation schedule, or enjoy the flexibility of a bid-model, Skyward has every option so you can choose the best path for you and your family.


Skyward has innovative schedule solutions that offer the best features of all schedule types.  Flight crews can customize their schedule each month with our bid-model, choosing from several options that allow each pilot to control their pay and number of working days.  For those that would rather set it and forget it, Skyward also offers an 8/6 rotation, coupled with PTO and trading, for when personal commitments arise.


We understand that choosing the best flight department to join can be a challenging decision.  Skyward is committed to offering great benefits, schedule, and pay without misleading sales tactics.  We want you to join our team if what we offer is truly the best fit for you.

  • Published pay scales with a process to adjust the starting point for experienced pilots.
  • Schedules that are planned in advance and are created by each individual crew member.
  • Bonus pay of $500 for working on a scheduled day off.
  • Bonus pay of $500 for working on a company holiday.
  • Per Diem adjusted yearly to the highest listed GSA with an increase for international flight days.
  • PTO beginning after 90 days of employment. PTO starts at 10 days and increases to 15 days after the first year (increases continue at regular intervals).
  • Insurance coverage beginning on the first day of employment, to include: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life.
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement to offset deductible expenses.
  • Optional Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Child Reimbursement Account.
  • 401(k) with company match and immediate 100% vesting.
  • All crew members are issued a company credit card for expenses.
  • Pilots keep their loyalty points for airline travel, hotels, and rental cars.
  • Pilots can choose between the scheduling department handling travel-related reservations or arranging for themselves.
  • Company paid KCM and First Class Medical.
  • Company provided uniforms (comfortable polo shirts) and a yearly uniform stipend.

Submit your resume to jobs@skywardaviation.com